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The Foundation is pleased to announce that the next Windows to the Divine® Exhibition and Sale will be held at ArtHaus at 3343 Larimer Street from May 17th until June 6th of 2014. More than 57 artists from 11 states and Germany will exhibit diverse works ranging from representational (landscapes, still life, figurative) to realistic to contemporary and traditional ethnographic.

To View Art for Sale:

Art Catalogue 2014

To Purchase Art:

Email Shannon Robinson or call  (303) 679-1365

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Event Ticket Sales

Fra Angelico Artist of the Year:

The 2014 Fra Angelico Artist of the Year is William Hook whose work is contained in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum. The award, a hand-blown glass sculpture created by participating artist Kit Karbler, will be presented to Mr. Hook at the Opening Gala. Prior recipients have included Don Sahli (2011), Ramon Kelley (2009), and Quang Ho (2007).

Participating Artists To Date Include:

Kathy Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Nikolo Balkanski, Jim Beckner, Joshua Been, Stephanie Birdsall, Greg Block, Lu Cong, Madeleine Dodge, Dianne Massey Dunbar, Kim English, Scott Fraser, Michael Gadlin, Ernie Gallegos, Uli Gleiter, Tatiana Grant, David Gray, Trent Gudmundsen, Albert Handell, Christine Hauber, Ron Hicks, Quang Ho, William Hook, Susiehyer, Carol Jenkins, Kit Karbler, Ramon Kelley, Andrea Kemp, Daniel Keys, Lynn Kircher, Ray Knaub, Beth Krensky, Emilio Lobato, Terrie Lombardi, Karol Mack, Huberto Maestas, Andi Mascarenas, William Matthews, David W. Mayer, Aliki McCain, Dan McCaw, Danny McCaw, John McCaw, C.W. Mundy, Desmond O'Hagan, Ron Richmond, Don Sahli, Dave Santillanes, Jill Soukup, Robert Spooner, Daniel Sprick, Nancy Switzer, John Taft, Clive Tyler, Karen Vance, Ben Victor, Kathleen Wall, Kevin Weckbach, Michael Wisner, and Vincent Xeus.

This year, as part of its mission to attract young people to the visual arts, the Foundation is staging its events at ArtHaus in the vibrant RiNo (River North Art) District which borders downtown and is the heart of the national migration of the millennial generation to Denver. ArtHaus is a new contemporary gallery and flex space that serves as a setting for collaborations, community gatherings, and exhibits as well as studio space for artist-owners Michael Gadlin and Aliki McCain.

We intend to hold a number of events and educational programs at ArtHaus for collectors, private groups and the public to encourage everyone regardless of age or wealth to become a collector and support the living artist. To encourage new collectors, many of the show's top artists, including Scott Fraser and Quang Ho will exhibit specially priced works for guests under the age of 45.

The catalogue of art available for sale: Art Catalogue 2014

The Schedule of Events is as follows:
Saturday, May 17th:   Opening Gala

The Opening Gala will be held on Saturday evening from 5:30-6:30 PM (Patron Party) and from 6:30-8:30 PM (Cocktails & Delectables). The Gala will be a ticketed event and fundraiser for the Foundation.

To purchase tickets for the Opening Gala: Event Ticket Sales

Saturday, May 31st:   Patron Collectors' Salon

The Patron Collectors' Salon will be held at ArtHaus from 9 AM to 12:30 PM. Event Sponsors, Benefactors and Patron ticket holders from the Opening Gala are invited to an exclusive salon at ArtHaus featuring:

◊ Presentation & Lecture by Daniel Sprick, entitled "Daniel Sprick Fictions" about his
    upcoming exhibition at the Denver Art Museum;

◊ Light Brunch;

◊ 4-in-1 Paint About and Live Auction with Jill Soukup, Terrie Lombardi, Desmond
    O'Hagan and Kevin Weckbach; and

◊ Live Auction of Paint About Works.

Salon Paint About: This lively fun-filled demonstration to be held during the Patron Salon at ArtHaus will be like no other giving the audience the opportunity to see how four different artists view and paint the same subject and continue and complete the works started by their fellow artists. Then, you will have the opportunity to bid on these unique 4 one-of-a-kind works each containing the signatures of 4 great artists!

May 17th to June 6th:   Exhibition & Group Tours/Programming

The public is invited to tour the Exhibition for free on Tuesdays-Fridays from 10 AM to 3 PM.

The Exhibition will also be open for groups by appointment with the Chairperson, Shannon Robinson.

To receive invitations to our events or obtain further information, please email Shannon Robinson at dominicans@cdvf.org.

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